I specialize in information rich graphics that treat their subjects seriously. This seriousness stems from my professional history in design. I cut my teeth designing posters for research symposiums and other university events on subjects that often demanded a great deal of sensitivity. My goal is to match the nuance of the subject with a quality design that avoids cliche. This work has led to several large design projects, including directing the graphics for the 2014-15, and 2016-17 speaker series for the Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies.

I have also been responsible for the graphics on every one of my published game projects. I apply the same ethos that informs my academic work to these images and try to create layouts and graphics that is sensitive to the source material while offering users with a functional and pleasing platform from which to explore the game. Like my academic work, I try to use a game’s graphics to develop arguments being made by the game’s mechanics and consider the artwork a fundamental element of the work.

Examples of my graphic design work can be found here.